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by Star Jyoti Solution

The fabulous work of Benjamin Franklin reminds one of the proper and apt uses of time in one’s life. Time is glorious gift of God to us. It is free as well. It waits for none. We can neither buy nor sell the time. This precious gift is given to us abundantly. The one who uses it judiciously becomes successful. Swami Sivannanda said it rightly. ‘Time is a rat that slowly cuts the thread of life’. Our students are aware of the professionalism in everything they do – be it their studies or the whole approach to their career. Contemporary researches on development of learning in children have shown that the interest of the learners depends upon the career they are selecting.

It is our prime duty to help the students to select their career as per their aptitude to have a successful life and use the time in a meaningful way.

Our school is providing the students with the best learning environment promoting mutual understanding and appreciation that is leading to communal harmony among students. It leads its students to think critically rather to become than mere mute learners.


Event Detail

25 Mar,   Fresher Party   :   Fresher Party is going to organised in our school who wants to participate can contact us

25 February,   Examination   :   Examination Datesheet has been realesed students can see it on notice board

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